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If your winery or vineyard completed a self-assessment pre-2020, you can still access your data by logging in.

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Sustainability Certification Program Launching November 2, 2020

Program Benefits

  • Contribute to a competitive and continually improving wine industry.
  • Increase quality while cutting operating costs.
  • Contribute to biodiversity and minimize your impact to the environment.
  • Take advantage of SWBC educational resources and support network.
  • Enhance relationships with regulators, employees, neighbours, and community.
  • Communicate achievements to consumers.
  • Use assessment results to focus your efforts and show continual improvement.
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Latest News & Events

Post date: March 28th, 2020

Given the rapidly changing conditions, the Sustainable Winegrowing BC Certification launch, originally scheduled for April 1, will be put on hold until the fall of 2020.  However, on April 1st, SWBC will be offering their new self-assessment tool in the ‘free resources’ section of their web-site, sustainablewinegrowingbc.ca.

Post date: October 7th, 2019

Up on a hill between the Muscat vines at Lastella winery, three head-high rows of woodchips are baking away in the sun. Vineyard manager Jody Subotin probes the end of a pile with a two foot long temperature gauge, checking on the compost pile’s progress. At the end of one row, a large pile of grape skins and stems is steaming. The enormous compost pile is the winery’s natural fertilizer experiment for 10 of their 70 acres of vines.

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