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Created by local winemakers, grape growers, and sustainability specialists, this no-cost program offers online assessments, hands-on training, and other tools to help you continually improve your operations.

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Sustainability Assessments

Measure and improve sustainability within your operations, and communicate your achievements to your customers.

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Showcasing vineyards and wineries that are participating in the sustainability program.

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Program Benefits

  • Contribute to a competitive and continually improving wine industry.
  • Increase quality while cutting operating costs.
  • Contribute to biodiversity and minimize your impact to the environment.
  • Take advantage of SWBC educational resources and support network.
  • Enhance relationships with regulators, employees, neighbours, and community.
  • Communicate achievements to consumers.
  • Use assessment results to focus your efforts and show continual improvement.
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Latest News & Events

Post date: November 7th, 2017

These hands-on workshops will help you assess the sustainability of your vineyard or winery with SWBC’s user-friendly online tool. You can use the assessment results to identify opportunities for enhancing practices, reducing costs, and improving wine and grape quality.

Post date: October 12th, 2017

Annual progress reporting is an important component of SWBC, as it provides an inventory of program activities and participants, and a brief overview of assessment results for that year. Insights learned each year can be considered for the creation or continuous improvement of program resources. Highlights of Progress in 2016 were increasing program participation, providing outreach and education around sustainable practices, improving program format and content, building partnerships and fostering collaboration, and continuing to work on certification option.

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