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Sustainable Vineyard Standard

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"The SWBC scheme is clear, comprehensive, outcome based and is a good balance between practicality and ambition and it offers valuable guidance to both vineyard and winery managers."

Chris Wille - Sustainable Agriculture Expert




Program Benefits

  • Contribute to a competitive and continually improving wine industry.
  • Increase quality while cutting operating costs.
  • Contribute to biodiversity and minimize your impact to the environment.
  • Take advantage of SWBC educational resources and support network.
  • Enhance relationships with regulators, employees, neighbours, and community.
  • Communicate achievements to consumers.
  • Use assessment results to focus your efforts and show continual improvement.
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Latest News & Events

Post date: September 2nd, 2021

Over three days in early June, SWBC was invited to participate at The Future of Wine Americas 2021. Hundreds of wine and grape practitioners from around the world, with a focus on the Americas, gathered to discuss 'How the wine industry can build resilience and turn sustainability into opportunity'. Two SWBC associates presented as part of the discussion: Felix Egerer; How realistic is a chemical free vineyard, does it matter? and Katie Pease; Community engagement and license to operate: How to listen and respond, effectively.

Post date: September 2nd, 2021

To state the obvious, it's been a challenging year; the wildfires burning across British Columbia are a pressing concern. In an effort not to duplicate, but to again share resources available to you, please see the links below.

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