2020 Sustainability Certification Process


NEW! How-To Guide from Sustainable Winegrowing BC

1. Register on the Sustainable Winegrowing BC website

Fill out a simple sign-up form to take the first step towards sustainability certification for your vineyard or winery. Register here.

2. Complete the Readiness Checklist - Starting April 1, 2020!

Sustainable Winegrowing BC will send a readiness checklist to the email you submitted in your registration. Filling out the checklist will give you an indication if you are ready to be certified or further changes need to be done.* Once you submit the checklist to Sustainable Winegrowing BC, we will either schedule an auditor to complete the certification, or support you with resources to reach your goal. The checklist will also be used as baseline data to track future improvements.

3. Participate in the Certification Audit

We will schedule a third party auditor to visit your vineyard and/or winery. During the walk-through process, you will demonstrate to the auditor how your operations meet the standards of the certification. The auditor will submit your data to Sustainable Winegrowing BC, and recommend certification, or further supports to reach certification.

4. Celebrate your Certification

Upon completion of the certification process, Sustainable Winegrowing BC will add your winery to our consumer-facing website. We will send you digital assets to share your certification with peers and clients, including a certification logo for bottle labels that includes a QR code to your certification listing and sustainability data on our website. We will also share your photographs and celebrate your certification in our newsletter and social media.

* We strongly recommend that you complete an Environmental Farm Plan.  Among other benefits, this will open up funding opportunities for sustainability improvements that can coincide with the SWBC Certification Program for vineyards.