ⓘ Sustainability Certification Coming in 2020 and We Welcome Your Feedback to help us build Standards that reflect a Sustainable BC Wine Industry.
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Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia (SWBC) offers free access to online assessments and educational resources and training to help vineyards and wineries establish sustainable practices, share best practices, and measure and demonstrate ongoing improvement.

SWBC was created by a pro-active team of BC viticulturists, winemakers, hospitality directors, researchers, and sustainability and marketing specialists, who gathered local knowledge and expertise and learned from programs in other winegrowing regions.

Please read the SWBC information sheet to learn more. Click here to view.


Sustainability is more than just environmentally-friendly; it integrates protection of the environment, profitability, and social values.

Sustainable winegrowing reaches from “soil to shelf.”

LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certified building at Tantalus Vineyards in Kelowna


Many BC winery and vineyard operators want to practice good land stewardship, offer safe and fulfilling employment, and be respectful neighbours. They want to pass a meaningful legacy to future generations while being economically viable today. SWBC helps to achieve these goals.

SWBC will help you:

  • Protect and preserve the land, soil, water, plants, and animals that support your business;
  • Cut costs and lessen your environmental impact by reducing the use of water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides and packaging and minimizing waste;
  • Become more efficient and organized so you can streamline your efforts and identify areas for improvement;
  • Prevent pollution and enhance carbon capture in vineyards with appropriate technology;
  • Identify areas of excellence and proudly showcase them to your customers; and
  • Foster relationships with regulators, employees, neighbours and the community.

Mixing compost at a vineyard in Oliver