Future Of Wine Americas & Sustainable Wine Roundtable

Future of Wine Americas & Sustainable Wine Roundtable


Over three days in early June, SWBC was invited to participate at The Future of Wine Americas 2021. Hundreds of wine and grape practitioners from around the world, with a focus on the Americas, gathered to discuss 'How the wine industry can build resilience and turn sustainability into opportunity'.

Two SWBC associates presented as part of the discussion:
Felix Egerer; How realistic is a chemical free vineyard, does it matter? and
Katie Pease; Community engagement and license to operate: How to listen and respond, effectively.

Topics of note, across two days and many conversations, included:

  • Toward sustainable packaging and trade: innovative complements and alternatives to new glass production and shipping.
  • The difficulty and opportunity of communicating about sustainability without a shared global definition.
  • Discussing grape production practices; sustainable, organic, biodynamic, chemical free, carbon neutral, etc.
  • Learning from other commodities about implementing sustainability in the wine industry.

Sustainable Wine is hosting the development of the Sustainable Wine Roundtable: A roundtable that will lead to an international wine business that sits alongside other product sectors - coffee, chocolate, palm oil, timber, biofuels, etc - in having a global sustainability standard. SWBC is pleased to participate as a stakeholder. The first meeting is scheduled for Fall 2021.