Sustainable Winegrowing BC Presents: Water Use Efficiency In The Vineyard, A Virtual Workshop

Sustainable Winegrowing BC Presents: Water Use Efficiency in the Vineyard, A Virtual Workshop


Date: July 8, 2022

Time: 2-4pm

Place: This is a virtual workshop. Please register here

Learning Objective:

How to plan, install and manage precision irrigation systems to meet grapevine needs, ensure high quality fruit, optimize labour hours, and reduce water use within the vineyard.


Water is a vital resource for life and grape production. The implementation of irrigation strategies to optimize both the acquisition and use of water resources is critical to ensure and maximize vineyard profitability and contribute to the sustainability of vineyards and communities.

With the increasing demand on water resources in British Columbia, reducing overall water consumption is a goal of the SWBC Vineyard Standard. The Standard focuses on first understanding vineyard location within ones watershed, and then how water is used within the farm boundaries, outlining the practice of optimizing irrigation mechanisms to ensure optimal fruit quality, efficient use of labour and maximum savings in water use

Presenters (in order of presentation):

Amy Richards – Director of Farming, Phantom Creek Estates

Christopher Mark - Vintality

Andrew Moon – Viticulturist, Tinhorn Creek

Marine Bos – Vineyard Tech, Andrew Peller

Katie Pease – Program Manager, Sustainable Winegrowing BC